There’s a certain uniqueness to Jeremy Horn’s music when you listen to it, particularly on a record like No Other Love. While it is sonically comparable to many live worship albums, Horn’s passion behind each song emotes a depth of transparency often unheard. Horn’s passion has always been to lead worship, and with No Other Love, he’s made the record he’s been wanting to write for over fifteen years.

“When you listen to other worship leaders, like Paul Baloche or Brenton Brown, every song on their albums is something that people can relate to. I really wanted to do that this time around, and I feel like I actually achieved it.” Horn’s newest recording is chock full of soaring worship songs that bring the listener to another place.

Previous records, Horn would have most of the songwriting duties, and he’d work with his band live to get the songs right. For No Other Love, he’s had the privilege of working with several co-writers, such as Matt Armstrong, Rusty Varenkamp, and his good friend and fellow Memphis worship leader Josh Maze. Maze co-wrote on “Your Glory Is My Fire”, and the track exemplifies what Horn was going for on this album: a heartfelt cry to the Creator.

Another standout co-writer is Stuart Garrard, known best for his work with Christian worship/pop band Delirious?, who worked with Horn on “The Wonder of the Cross”. “This is a guy I grew up listening to; the Delirious? records changed my life. His songs just gripped my heart when I heard them, and helped me understand what I wanted to do with my life. Writing with Stu was definitely an honor.”

Horn has always been the kind of songwriter to enjoy both the sit down, get it done, studio session style writing, as well as the spontaneous worship element that comes through playing with a congregation. “King of Glory” is one of those songs. “It wasn’t one I spent hours and hours working on, it was just kind of spontaneous and in the moment during performance.”

The title track has heavy sentimental value to Horn as well, and really shapes what he wanted to accomplish with the album. “I wrote ‘No Other Love’ with Matt Armstrong, and the lyrics are just amazing. It really talks about how I was feeling, about people who became Christians later in life, or made their way back to Him. It was really on my heart, thinking about all the years they think they’ve wasted; He renews the wasted time. I was so grateful that God spoke those words to us during writing.”

“When I was younger I used to think I wanted to write songs that the entire world would sing, that every church would be singing my songs. In my mind I used to think that’s what I was writing songs for. But nowadays, when I’m writing, I’m focused on thinking about what the people in my small group need to hear, or what my friends need to hear. What would bless them? I’m writing songs for my friends and family these days. It’s definitely the heart behind the record.” In the end, Horn has made the record he’s always wanted to make, and the songs reach a personal level that make them more relatable than ever.