Want to bring Jeremy to your church?

Jeremy can also lead youth retreats, conferences or camps. Jeremy has the heart of a teacher. He is available for workshops, seminars, and conferences related to worship, music, leadership, and ministry. Jeremy’s heart is to help people experience God through worship. For Jeremy, it’s never been about being a rock star. He’s in it for the right reasons and wants to serve and edify the church. You can be a part of what God is doing through Jeremy, so contact us today!

Check out what churches, ministries, and fans have to say about Jeremy:

“WOW! Thank YOU for sharing Jeremy with us. What an incredible blessing the guys were. They were so genuine, kind, appreciative, passionate, fun, friendly, they truly were like family. I look forward to the next chance we have to invite them. Our families were totally blessed. Any church that brings in Jeremy is truly going to be inviting a praise and worship experience that is anointed and passionate. Some “bands” are a concert, these guys led us in an encounter with Jesus! Can’t wait to have them back!“

– Pastor Phillip Frantz (Freedom Center, Fenton, MI)

“Jeremy Horn was a joy to have at GCCC through and through. Jeremy came in with humility, patience, and a great spirit. The ministry he offered was full of spiritual life and freedom. Jeremy and the band engaged the congregation, ushering them into the presence of God. Even though some of the music was slightly more contemporary than what our church was used to, the Spirit of the Lord was so evident as Jeremy lifted our hearts heavenword….and the people responded! As people, Jeremy and the band were men of God on and off of the platform. We have already decided, as a staff, that Jeremy Horn will be an annual (or more) staple at GCCC!“

– Rev. Brent Beesley (Pastor of Creative Arts at Gloucester County Community Church, NJ)

“I just wanted to express what a joy it was to have Jeremy and the guys at our church Sunday. They truly are local church guys and that’s a real treat in the industry. Their flexibility, desire to worship and above all their desire to be spiritual are truly endearing qualities to us. We’re friends for life. I felt a great connection as brothers of like and precious faith. The guys are always welcome at our place. They’re our kind of people. I call them blessed!”

– Pastor Jeff Hall (Kingdom Family Church, Holt, MI)

“Musicians are easy to find. Worship leaders are tougher to find. Finding both is incredibly rare. Jeremy and the guys exceeded our expectations in every way as they led our student ministry of 400 to the throne of Christ with a humble spirit and incredible giftedness.”

– Jim Gribnitz (Youth Staff, Park Cities Baptist Church)

“I sat in the front row of Gloucester County Community Church on Saturday night… You guys rock! I was so moved by the lyrics of the songs and your voice. I am new with my walk with the Lord and have been struggling with a lot of things and your songs touched me in a way that has helped understand things better! I just came to know and actually LOVE JESUS CHRIST. WOW what a feeling to love myself and love Him! An emotion I truly have never felt before and I love it! I know it seems strange to me but your words were like they were just for me to hear and truly understand and that I did. I bought your CD that night and haven’t stopped listening to it! I love it! I am so excited to have met you personally briefly and will continue to support you in all you do. You are a blessing from God and I am so thankful.”

– Christine

“I love authentic people on and off stage. I see that he lived what he preached from that platform. Touched the heart of God and people and brought them into the Lord’s presence.”

– Steve (Destiny Outreach Ministries)

“Well, I am James and I was at his worship service he helped with at Park Cities Baptist on February 3 and 5. On the fifth he played some of his songs and I fell in love with his music. I was moved to tears. I also got to meet him before his gig and then after. In my opinion and I am new to this whole Christian thing. But, He acts like a Christian. He just carries himself so nicely. He is kind and loving and above all humble. Its kinda hard to believe that a man who has God on him like he does, could be so cool. He really inspired me and I LOVE HIS MUSIC. So for all those wondering about the guy behind the music… He is a really terrific and caring man who is so humble and who brings a peace to everyone. JEREMY YOU HAVE YOURSELF A NUMBER ONE FAN!!!!”

– James

“Jeremy’s show at Grounded was terrific. He played to a packed house. The audience loved him and had a great time. We’d love to have him play again if he’s ever in the area.”

– Chris Umbaugh (Grounded Gourmet Coffee)

“well, it’s taken me awhile to post. i’m the older generation just wanting to share how much i enjoyed the concert at Hope. it’s been a long time coming, but finally we have someone new on the horizon who is every bit as talented and engaging on stage as the early days of michael w. smith and stephen curtis chapman. jeremy has an incredible depth of talent not only in vocals, but as a songwriter. i’m excited to see where God is taking jeremy. i’m 56 years old and have seen and heard alot of christian artists, but in my humble opinion, jeremy is what we’ve been waiting to hear and see for many years now. he’s got the musical talent along with the energy and connection with audience (regardless of age) that it takes to reach the lost and yet keep believer’s excited about the future. you’ve worked hard, been true to your belief’s, faithful to your Father in heaven and now our “atmosphere” is about to be changed!”

– Vicki

“Hey, my son who lives in Tennessee and is a worship leader out there gave me Jeremy’s Atmosphere CD. I ordered a couple and gave one to the director of the School of Worship, where I am attending. I can’t help but want everyone to know about this anointed music, and the talented one who’s creativity is glorifying God! To God be the Glory……..Jeremy, thank you for your spirit of humility and a heart of a true worshiper. You are a great example of the Lord’s best in worship.”

– Andrea

“Jeremy opened for Brenton Brown last weekend at Hope Church in Memphis. The concert was amazing. After hearing Jeremy sing “First Love”, I knew that I would be a lifetime fan. He reminds me of two other musicians; Jeremy Camp and David Gray. His music is inspirational, yet very edgy so that it hits your heart. His lyrics are deeply personal and written directly to our savior. Its music that will cause you to stop, and be still.”

– Chamberlain (Amazon.com)

“I used 3 of the songs to minister to girls at G>R>A>C>E> camp and it was a powerful tool that demonstrated not only the love of God but also how we can spread that to others. The world is a better place for your music and I for one am extremely grateful. I look forward to the many CD’s ahead. Love the music especially All My Hope is in You, but they all minister to me and my family on a regular basis. love ya much”

– Teresa

“1500 miles to see you play. Priceless”

– Daniel

“Jeremy’s album is what Christian music has been lacking the past 10 years or so (with some exceptions), depth of lyrics with quality musicianship. No creativity or excellence was spared on this album, and it has something for everyone: from Beatles fans to people who like rock and roll in general, to someone looking for new worship material. If you like good, positive music, you’ll love this CD!! High recommendations!!!”

– Kate (Amazon.com)

“His recent record, Atmosphere, feels like an alt-country version of the Fab Four meeting the modern worship sounds of today’s Brit-rock worship outfits (Delirious?, Matt Redman, Tim Hughes)…under the fine production touches are songs you can pull into your service of worship. Check out ‘First Love,’ ‘Embrace the Cross’ and ‘Draw Near.'”

– Jeremy Armstrong (Worship Leader Magazine)

“Mr. Horn does a good line in rock worship with a sound that mixes The Beatles with Delirious?. The result is an organic rock sound packed with catchy songs and lyrics that are a million miles away from the trite throwaway of so much modern worship. With a crisp production in place, there is plenty to enjoy…it’s a worshipful uplifting album…If you like the sound of Tim Hughes and Chris Tomlin, here’s another name that you need to add to your list and an album that is waiting for you to discover!”

– Mike Rimmer (Cross Rhythms Magazine)

“Much of the music released by Christian artists in today’s market seems, in my humble opinion, to fall into one of two categories. On one hand, you have many artists that produce outstanding, high quality tunes that are fun to crank up and jam to – but the lyrics of their songs are a bit, hmm, shall we say, “shallow”. These are CD’s that I might enjoy listening to at top volume while driving alone in my car, or through my mp3 player while I’m outside mowing the lawn. In short, the music rocks… but the content of the lyrics themselves is somewhat anemic (i.e., kind of like the “milk” of the Word as outlined in Hebrews 5:12-14), leaving the listener somewhat malnourished.“

– J. Owens (Amazon.com)